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Dos and Do Nots of Link Building

Posted by on Fri, Mar 22, 2013


Link building is the backbone of the SEO. Links that are built accordingly generate traffic and transfer link juice to your website. This is a must do process in the optimization of every website. But with search engines evolving periodically, so are the rules and techniques of building back links. It is very essential to know about these rules and build links accordingly. Google has an algorithm primarily to monitor the quality and methodology of back link creation names Penguin. So unless you don’t want your website to lose a considerable amount of links, you must keep yourself updated with the Penguin updates and rules.


Perform Penguin Test

Instead of starting link building right away, you should conduct a test to determine the health and quality of existing back links to your website. This is the Penguin Test. First, you should carry an audit process to check the amount of bad back links and consequently remove them. Better you than Penguin. When you are done with that, you should create an effective back link creation strategy according to your website. For that, you need to do a proper study of the niche market your site is related to. If you find yourself in a problem or don’t know what you should do then hire professional SEO services to come up with a strategy for you.


Focus on Anchored Text variety

Anchored text is the best practice for creating quality back links. If you are using exact keywords and linking them to the matching pages then you are doing it right. However, if you can’t find a keyword that exactly matches with your targeted page then you should not over optimize your page by stuffing a long keyword, instead you should adopt partially matching keyword strategy to drive traffic to your website. You should also fill in the need of generic keywords such as “Click Here” or “Read More” so the viewer could actually land to the page you are optimizing.


Prefer Quality over Quantity

This is a much-debated aspect of link building. While some prefer having huge number of back links to their website without paying attention to the relevancy factor, others opt quality back links that are fewer in numbers yet are of rich quality. When it comes to Penguin (which is ultimately does) the latter will always prevail. That is what professional search engine optimizers do to create quality back links and improve the ranking of websites.


Join Social media and related Business groups

No one can deny the power of social media platforms. To get quality back links you should join social media business groups that are related to your business. You should take part in-group discussions and be active on social media platforms. Your active participation can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website.

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