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Hashtags Coming to Facebook

Posted by on Fri, Mar 22, 2013


It seems two social media giants are coming closer after all. Too often we have seen Facebook and Twitter users battle over social media supremacy but now it seems the gap is about to be abridged. Facebook is making its move by incorporating the infamous hashtag ‘#’ sign and adding this feature into Facebook that exclusively belonged to twitter up until now. With the addition of hashtag into Facebook, the world of social media will be revolutionized. #Facebook or #f will allow you to share, tweet, like, post and discuss anything, anytime on both social media platforms.

Imagine your Facebook page trending worldwide, or your tweet being liked. These mind boggling yet pleasant changes will give new meaning to social media experience. With this exciting feature, you can easily find all the related pages, posts and relevant information on a single page. Sorting pictures and sharing them with hundreds of people on Facebook with just a simple hash tag is going to become a reality very soon. While Facebook has stepped into Twitter’s territory, this is not the first time event. We all know Facebook allowed the tagging option by using ‘@’ sign but the situation now is going to be very different.

From the search engine optimization point of view, this move will introduce new social media rules and strategies that will result in a never before seen an increase in revenue. Facebook earned $4.3 billion from advertising in the last year while the twitter could reach to half a billion. This gigantic gap will surely be narrowed down with Facebook’s new move.

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