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How to get Traffic from Facebook

Posted by on Fri, Mar 22, 2013


Facebook is the largest most popular social media platform of the world today. Over a billion users around the world are active members of Facebook and this number is still growing. This gigantic number is a market for all sorts of internet marketers and online business. People of all genders, ethnicities and age groups use Facebook for fun as well as promoting their business but most of them do not get the proper amount of traffic that they expect or they should get. You can get your desired traffic by following the tips stated below.

Complete your Facebook Profile

Your Facebook profile is your ID that everyone wants to look at before getting engaged in any business activity with you. You must add your name, interests, address and all the necessary details so that people can find you quickly and get to know what you and your business is all about without getting into any hassle.

Make Friends

This is the easiest yet delicate part. You must make friends on Facebook so you can start getting traffic to your business page later. It is important that you do not just bombard people with friend requests instead; you should use your instincts and knowledge to add the people who might be interested in your business. By targeting the proper age group, your business can flourish by getting just the right traffic you were looking for.

Make a Business Page or a Group

Facebook allows you to create a group or a page for your certain activities. By making a specific group or a page that is all about your business activities, you can divert all the traffic from your own account to that business page. You have to spread the word of your page so people could get to know about it. Many people just start leaving a URL in the comments everywhere. It is spam and no one likes it. The best way is to join proper groups that are relative to your own business. Take part in discussions and encourage people to visit your page by leaving URLs in genuine comments and posts. Remember if you are adding value to other pages, people will start trusting you more that ultimately results in the proper traffic to your page.

Have a Facebook Application

Nothing catches the attention of people better than an interactive Facebook application. You can get a hold of a professional Facebook application development team that can create just an app your business needs. Put that app on your page and then notice the skyrocketing increase in the traffic. This is the fastest and most reliable method of getting the traffic you are looking for.

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