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Best Ways To Write Content That People Want To Read

Posted by on Tue, Apr 16, 2013


Writing a content that meets multiple needs is not an easy task. Every writer wants to create a content that is both interesting and relative in the view of the readers and successfully make its way in the search engine rankings. Content writing is an art but it has reached to a new level due to search engines rules and policies. Your readers should be your top priority as they are the ones who are really looking for information. Here we have discussed few tips that will help you immensely in producing quality content.

Focus on Topic

Whenever a new story or news breaks its way on social media, you can find hundreds of blogs that are providing their view on the subject matter but what most of them do is just write off topic gossip and irrelevant material that will just confuse the reader instead of informing him or her about the actual event. Blogging on fresh news is good but if you want to keep your readers engaged then you must write quality content that focuses on the topic and provides full information to the reader. Remember, only relevant traffic will give you a healthy conversion rate.

Carefully Select your Keywords

This is important. Many readers judge the content by its keywords so you must choose your in-text keywords very carefully. Quality of the content is everything and it helps in building a trustworthy relationship between you and your readers. But if you use keywords that openly send the message that you are more inclined to writing for search engines rather than writing quality content, you can very well lose a considerable traffic. Make sure that you chose natural keywords that add value to your content as well as grant you higher rankings in search engines too.

Keywords Stuffing is a Bad Idea

A content that is stuffed with keywords is the worst thing you could do. Not only does it destroy the credibility of your content, it is a bad move to make according to search engine policies. Google Penguin has de-indexed and heavily penalized thousands of websites that had content like that. So make sure you keep the keyword density under the defined limit of about 2% to 3% (depending on the size of your content).

Share your Content Repeatedly

Sharing your content on different occasions on different platforms is another thing you can do to increase the popularity of the content and make a huge fan base for yourself. You should post your content with regular intervals by making minimum changes so that the relevancy should remain intact. Every platform has its own rules so make sure you follow them. Don’t post it too often that it annoys people nor should you wait too long for people to forget about the nature of your content. If you can’t find time to post content regularly then you can get buffer services.

The recipe to success is different to everyone but we hoped to share the best practices that have worked for successful bloggers and writers. Keep experimenting and see what best works for you.

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