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Honest SEO is the Right SEO

Posted by on Thu, Apr 4, 2013


The entire process of SEO is crucial to the success or failure of a website. Every optimizer wants to retain the client and it totally depends on the caliber of services you offer to him or her. Retaining a client is always hard. You have to face many things that you don’t like and you have to bear the burden of mistakes that you didn’t commit. However, if you provide your SEO services in an honest manner, then your job would become much easier.

Educate Your Clients

Most of the time a client either has passable or no knowledge of SEO. Therefore, if you keep on explaining to them how hard you are working on building links and how vigilantly you are producing unique content, articles and blog posts for them, they just don’t get the idea simply because they don’t know how important that is. Therefore, before starting any project you must educate your client about the strategies and basics of SEO so both of you are exactly on the same page about what is being done and how it’s being done. If you do that, you are also building a trust between yourself and the client, which would increase your credibility in his or her eyes.

Honesty is the Best Policy

This part speaks for itself. No one likes a deceitful prick. You want to retain your clients? Then you have to earn their trust. As an SEO, you have to be honest about three things with your clients.

• Your Technique
• Your Methods and Approach
• Pricing of your Services

Your technique of accomplishing your project is important. You must educate your client about your technique and work parameters. It works to your benefit if you discuss your technique with your client. If he knows, what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, he would understand the magnitude of your work and cooperate wholeheartedly with you. Help and educate them what white hat, Black hat and Gray hat SEO is. If you are going to build links for them, tell them why and tell them how. Revealing your methods won’t encourage them to do the work themselves, if they wanted to do it, they could have done that in the first place.

Name the Right Price of your Services

Pricing of your services is another important aspect that clients complain about after working with an optimizer. Clients generally complain about optimizers over charged them or they asked for more than they negotiated at the time of entering into the contract. Educating your client about your services and your techniques will save you the trouble. Never under-price your services. It is not the right way to attract clients, instead it could be the death of your working relationship because down the road you will feel you are not getting the right amount of your efforts and asking for more will destroy your credibility. You should set your goals and then work hard and fast to achieve those goals. Never push your clients on any point. You can make an argument politely and make them understand what needs to be done. These are the key points to successful SEO services that will not only help you in retaining a client but also make new ones as the word of your honest services spread.

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