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How Social Media can Build your Company

Posted by on Thu, Apr 11, 2013


Social Media Infographic

If you compare the situation of our business world with how it was a decade ago, it would absolutely amaze you how much we depend on social media now. The social media universe is not only in our personal lives but it has effectively become a part of our business structure as well. Take Facebook for example, what started as a mere dorm room test project has now over 1 billion members all over the world and growing. It has become the largest social media portal all thanks to the people who use it for personal as well as business prospect and those who don’t know how social media can build your company literally from brick by brick, then this post is for you.

Social Media Facts

According to the world’s leading magazine and research conductor Fortune, World top 500 companies are active on Twitter and other social media platforms and the 80% of world’s richest and most successful executives believe that social media interaction has lead their companies to increased sales. If you want your company to achieve the same, then you have to develop a business infrastructure that focuses social media involvement on every possible aspect.

Effective Public Relations

Many business companies have a functional public relations department and its sole purpose is to engage with customers and public to know about their service quality and/or product feedback. Add social media to that equation and you can have a public relations department that can steer your company effectively to success. This department can design easy and interesting public survey campaigns or create polls to gather information that can help you improve the services and products of a company. You can do it yourself if a fully functional department is not at your expense. Remember that, the customer is always right and social media can lead you to what the public wants from your company.

Successful Marketing Strategy

The element of marketing is the backbone of a business structure. People can’t buy what they don’t know and what better way to educate the mass than social media. Imagine, selling and educating public about your services and products in a marketplace that never closes down. A market that has millions of potential customers to your business. That market is social media where millions of people are logged in at any given time of the day and if you play your cards right and use the right platform for your product or service, then your company can make progress rapidly.

Build Traffic to Your Business Your Way

On social media platforms, attracting a mass of millions can be done with a little hard work but reaching to the right customer needs precision and effective strategy. Hundreds of people pass by a shop everyday but only a few are the genuine customers. Social media allows you to attract your potential customers just the way you want. With descriptive blog posts and informative articles you can educate people about your business and successfully persuade them that they need what you are offering.
These steps can help you skyrocket your profits and you don’t even have to do hard labor for it. The social media universe is evolving according to the needs of people and your business needs to do the same. The flexibility of these platforms allows you to experiment and make new strategies that can help you build your business successfully.

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