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How the World Spends its Time Online

Posted by on Tue, Apr 23, 2013


How The World Spends Its Time Online

The Internet has become an essential part of our life today. At the moment it was being devised, nobody would have imagined that Internet will become the most desired and precious entity in the world. But how important it is to the world? We have attempted to answer this question by providing proven statistics from world’s leading communication and research centers.

World’s Online Population

The world has a total population of just over 7 billion and 30% of that is the Internet’s population. You probably think it’s not much, but that 30% is 2,095,006,005 (and growing). This amount of people when combined spends 35 billion hours every single month. That is approximately equal to 3,995,444 years. Enough to spin your head? United Kingdom has the largest internet population i.e. about 85% of the entire internet community belongs to U.K.

Online Activity

So, what do 2,095,006,005 people do online? An average Internet user spends 22% of his total online time browsing social media platforms, 21% of the time on searching the Internet for information, 20% of time on reading contents and spends about 19% of their total time on emailing. Globally, an average internet user spends 16 hours per month online but a US average internet surfer spends about 32 hours monthly that is more than a day online nonstop.

Most Visited Websites

When it comes to winning the popularity contest? There is a cut throat competition even in the online world. The most visited website in the world is Google having 153,441,000 unique visitors per month. Facebook comes in second with 137,644,000 unique visitors per month. But the most interesting fact is that people tend to spend more time on Facebook rather than Google. So we leave it up to you to decide the undisputed internet champion.

Extraordinary Facts

Internet plays host to all kinds of people that use it for all sorts of activities. Here are few that are very interesting. More than 56% social media users, use these platforms to spy on their partners. Talk about lack of trust. While the World’s largest Non-internet population, the Chinese, spend 5 hours per day on average to do online shopping. And world’s most visited site, Google receives 1 billion search queries per day.

The online world is changing every moment and so are the related facts and figures. These trends show how desperately we depend on the Internet for nearly everything we do.

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