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SEO Terms You Should Know About

Posted by on Thu, May 9, 2013


This one is for the newcomers to the SEO field and those who are experts can refresh their good old days of learning. Many of us, who start learning SEO, come across an array of acronyms that seemingly has no end. For a majority of people, it’s hard enough to learn the words let alone remembering them for the rest of your life. However, if you understand the concept or history behind that word, I am sure you won’t have any difficulty in remembering the words. This article covers not all but the most important and used terms of the field.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. As the name suggests, it focuses on providing marketing services through search engines. SEM is basically divided in 2 main categories, SEO and PPC. SEO is as we know, Search engine optimization, the process of bringing your website or page in the rankings of the search engines and PPC means pay per click. It is the process of purchasing clicks from a search engine which come from sponsored relevant listings of the search engines.

Page Rank

Page rank is a word (not acronym). Basically, it is an algorithm that search engines use to determine the relative importance of a web page on the basis of its content, its uniqueness and many other aspects. It is a rating system and pages are ranked ranges from 0 to 10. The higher the ranking, higher the importance and authority of the page is considered. But remember, Higher page rank does not mean that the page would appear in the top SERPs.

Back Link

The concept is very simple actually. Think of it as a visiting card that you leave with your customer hoping that he would contact you through it. In the same way, you leave a hyperlink on a website, blog or a forum which in turn would bring traffic back to your website when people will click it. That incoming traffic will raise the rankings of your website. Therefore, back linking is also called the backbone of SEO.


It is a piece of content that is made specifically with the purpose of attracting as many backlinks as possible. It is published on a blog or a website and when the traffic starts coming in, your ratings start improving. It can be a written content, a video, a questionnaire, a quiz or anything as long as it attracts people. The most common examples are top 10 lists and how tos.

Anchor Text

It is the essential part of the back linking process. It’s the word that is visible to the viewers of your backlink. Most of the times, this anchor text is a keyword that people search frequently on the internet. Keeping a keyword rich anchor text helps immensely in building quality backlinks. For example, if you have blog about web development, then having the words web development as your anchor text will create SEO friendly backlinks.

These terms are just a small fraction of the SEO universe, but no one can become an optimizer if they don’t know the meaning and concept behind these terms. We will continue providing you with up to date and meaningful SEO knowledge in the near future.

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