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A Look at iOS 7 Features and Flat Design

Posted by on Fri, Jun 14, 2013


It has been two days since the release of the Beta version of Apple’s newest mobile operating system and it has already reignited the discussion war between Android and Apple fans. While some are crowning it the new king of the mobile operating systems, others are clamoring about iOS 7 being the copy of the Android OS. Whatever the views may be, people still want to know what iOS 7 has brought to the mobile world. Our company recently got its hands on the beta version and our professional mobile developers had their field day with it.

The first thing to notice is the flat redesigned UI of the iOS 7. While its predecessors looked more bulging, this one is more humble and has flat icons along with complementing bright and colorful background. Slide to unlock feature is still there but it looks more like a part of the UI rather than standing apart as a gadget. The display icons look like the ones in a Nokia’s high-end Symbion phones but Apple added a light glossy touch to them. On the top of the screen, you would an arrow that can be swiped down, just like Android phone but without the arrow. After you swipe down, there are no surprises and if you are an Android user or have used an Android Smartphone, you will just feel at home. Apple has named this feature “Control Center” and almost 70% of its content is like Android’s Jelly Bean toggles in the swipe down menu.

iOS 7 developers at Apple have been busy on the display of Control Center. It supports translucent, glass like texture that gives a blurred out view of the background. One feature that has been greatly appreciated by our professional mobile developers is the integration of environmental sensitive UI that works with the built-in accelerometer to give the users a unique sense of depth in the display. This feature is not entirely new and has been available in the previous jail broken versions. Another feature is the auto adjust of the display with the help of the phone’s light meter that is directly connected with the icons to adjust the display light accordingly.

Apart from these notable features, iOS 7 has no such features that might give its competitors any nightmares. The full launch of the iOS 7 is due this fall and until then let’s see what the techies of the mobile web development world come up with.

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  • Mitul Patel

    That’s quite really amazing design of new iO7. But people are neglecting all. I don’t know about them but I like these design.