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What is Effective Web Development

Posted by on Tue, Aug 13, 2013


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Web development is probably the most important aspect of the internet industry today. Billions of websites that we view in the internet universe are the result of web development. An average user views just about 50 websites per day some of which they are addicted to and others are not on the most favorite list and the reason behind this discrimination is simple, effective web development. In this post, we are going to take a look at what is effective web development.

The first step is the most important one. It requires the meeting of all the parties involved. The developer meets the client and discusses the business requirements and the primary reason for the development of the website. The Client discusses what he wants from the website and developer takes notes and informs the client and the developer takes all the necessary notes in order to set the project goals.

Next step is to do some proper researching. They say, “Knowing is half the Battle”. Therefore, at this stage, developer conducts a research regarding the related business market, takes a keen look at the competitors and then utilizes his innovation and imagination to prepare a coding model of the project he is about to work on.

When that’s done, the next phase is to develop a proper coding model based on the most suited programming language that fulfills all the necessary business requirements and has the capacity for any changes and amendments to be made in the future.

After that, a proper working model is prepared for the next step, which is initial presentation. This first model holds all the basic and primary function that the website could perform. This model is just like a miniature website and a base model for the approval of the client.

This step is rather hard for the developer (as if previous stages were not). The basic model is then represented to the client and the developer describes what the website is able to do. This presentation is based on all the key features, which ensure the client that all the necessary requirements have been included. If the model is according to the client’s needs and vision, he gives the developer his approval so he can start working on the full scale website, otherwise it’s back to the drawing board for the developer.

After long spent hours and restless nights, the project is completed. Initial testing is done and when everything goes smoothly, the project is finally delivered to the eager and a waiting client. It takes hard work and dedication to produce quality and effective website and if anybody knows the meaning of the statement “there are no short cuts to success”, it is a developer.

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