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Cash Stash: A New Way to Enjoy the Rain

Posted by on Tue, Dec 24, 2013


Cash Stash

With the invention of Smartphones, the gaming industry has seen a boom it never has before. People of all ages love to play their favorite games on their mobiles in whatever time they can find. Well, our game developers have worked hard to add another fun and unique game to that long lineup of amazing mobile games.

Fun Filled Challenges

Cash Stash is designed to provide challenge and hours of fun to its players. The game comes with two interactive modes. “Arcade Mode”, which allows the player to experience the fast paced and challenging side of the game. The player will have to catch the raining dollars from the sky in a hat whose movements they can control by moving their finger across the mobile screen. The object is to increase your bank by catching as much dollars as you can. Now the challenge is, if you fail to catch the dollar in the hat, you lose a life. When all 3 lives have been lost, it’s Game Over.

Another challenging mode is the “Drizzle Mode”. This mode allows the player to enjoy catching the dollars without the risk of losing any life and increase their bank as much as they could. The twist here is that this mode has a time limit. You don’t lose life but you certainly lose some balance if you fail to catch a dollar. If that doesn’t sound challenging enough for you, wait till you see those dollars really pouring down from the sky. Catching them all can surely prove to be a challenge indeed.

What’s More to Come

The game is only available on the Android platform for now and our developers are already working on its iOS version as we speak. Our developers at eGenie have really worked hard on this game and are also working on other interesting games as well and to make it possible for us, we need your help. If you want to download the game and give us your suggestions and feedback, simply click here and support us by downloading the game for free and. If you have an interesting idea of your own which you want to share with the world, contact us and let us work our magic.

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