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Newest Addition to the eGenie Mobile Games – Strike a Match

Posted by on Fri, Feb 7, 2014


strike a match

Professionals at eGenie Next always strive to bring the best and unique stuff to the world. The first ever Android game developed by the software house, “Cash Stash” is a testament to that. The game received admiration and became very popular among people of all ages. The gratitude and the acceptance of Cash Stash, encouraged and compelled us to bring another, exciting and fun game to you. We call it, “Strike a Match”.

While Cash Stash was built to test your speed and hand-eye coordination, Strike a Match will test the strength of your concentration and memory. Once you get the hang of it, you would spend hours playing the game, without even getting bored. The game play is very smooth and is bound to keep you coming for more. When you start the game, you would be shown a screen full of cards with images of delicious fruits on them. For a limited time, you would be allowed to memorize the pattern and after that, the real fun begins.

The clock starts ticking backwards and you need to tap a card to reveal which fruit is on it and then tap another card that has the same image. In short, you need to find all the pairs, before the timer hits zero. You might be thinking that’s not so tough, well the game has couple of surprizes, bonuses and special moves built in which will make your “Strike a Match” experience all the more memorable. The game is available on Android’d Play Store, and you can download it by clicking here.

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