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Mobile App Development Platform Xamarin is Growing Huge

Posted by on Tue, Apr 25, 2017



Xamarin, the best friend of Microsoft is stepping on the gas pedals to huge mobile app development growth!

The business app development world cares for only two programming languages: C# (C-Sharp) and Java, the primary is the most recent standard for writing Microsoft Windows software and the later is the standard for just about everything else.

Xamarin took a start with a simple pitch; write smartphone app in C# and it will provide the tools for making it into iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows app with a little effort. RoboVM had the same pitch, but with Java. Xamarin buying RoboVM enables getting access to a huge Java developer market.

Xamarin is Growing Huge

Xamarin is the special platforms for helping enterprises build their mobile apps. It offers great services that enable corporate developers to build mobile apps as per business requirements. With the addition of JavaScript, it addresses more customers and simply removes filters. The businesses that focused on Java can make use of Xamarin in the same way as C#.

Xamarin is being Loved

Developers all over the world love Xamarin, and so are our developers at eGenieNext in love with the ease of mobile app development through this. It drastically cuts down the time and ensures that the performance of app on all smartphones will be great. Xamarin enables developers to build the features that are specific to a certain device, such as NFC readers and cameras.

With Java, Xamarin takes things to a higher appeal.

If you need this technical help and want the best, contact our support center and get a Xamarin app developed. As for the tool, consider Xamarin Mono & MonoTouch: Mono is for Android and MonoTouch is for iOS. This like other Xamarin services enables programming in one language for both operating systems.

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