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Progressive Web Apps Are the Future of Web Development

Posted by on Tue, Apr 25, 2017



The digital world has a revolution – ‘Progressive Web App’. These apps are not the regular technical locutions; rather they are a cross of traditional mobile applications and web pages that iOS and Android store hosts.

What Are PWA? – The brainchild of Google engineer: highly secure, responsive, and linkable to URLs.

Web developers at egenienext are calling progressive web apps the future of web development. Here’s how they simply explain, why the apps are so important;

  • PWA offers a smooth user experience
  • They are efficient and speedy
  • Provide offline access through ‘Service Workers’ – A script that allows the data to load instantly, even when the internet is slow
  • Offers extensive user engagement through the option called ‘Allow’
  • Beneficial for user and developers -

PWA Instead of Regular App?

The matter is not of PWA versus the regular applications. The question is when to get a PWA created instead of traditional app?

Progressive Web Apps are the future! They deliver an app like experience within the browser, which is huge and does not require separate installation program. Consider entering a simple URL and getting on with it.

PWAs have been around for two years, but are taking the front row now! PWAs are becoming a greater point of interest on both Android and iOS. For now, ‘Service Worker’ option is not available under Safari, but you can still enjoy PWAs ride with Chrome.

Moreover, Progressive Web App development is cheaper than the convention app development.

While this is just a brief discussion as to why PWAs are so important, the details, of course lie in the hands of experts that are involved extensively in developing these apps for you. Contact US and let us walk you to the future of Web development!

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