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The Impact of Google App Index on Future of Search

Posted by on Tue, Apr 25, 2017



No other factor controls the mind better than mobile and apps. And mobile web is also completely attained by apps. A recent survey shows: 86% of mobile users spend their time on apps while 14% of their time is spent on mobile web browsers.

Google made use of this user focus and added an expansion to App indexing feature – a simple way of adding intelligence to Google Now. And not only Google, but Apple as well, both are focusing on bringing app content in search engine results due to greater app usage emphasizing on mobile optimization .

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What is App Indexing?

The search results on Google not only show web content but also display the content from within an app. The results driven for search from within an app are through App Indexing.

What’s New? – It was introduced in 2013 with the idea of enabling developers to deep link within their apps so webmasters could allow Googlebot to index app content. The expansion in app indexing includes even results from apps that are not installed on mobile devices.

How is App Indexing Important?

The answer is: Mobile devices are all about apps now. The web might have been a priority, but not anymore. Businesses are relying on apps and pushing their customers to their apps through better user experience. Here, deep linking is important and in fact this is the only reason why it becomes important.

  • The feature allows results of such apps to appear on search engine which have not been installed yet.
  • It improves the search engine experience of a user. The greater the content indexed, the greater will be the search result experience of the user. The search potential is broadened.
  • Google has higher engagement with apps. App indexing helps in creating better usage of your apps.
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