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Video Streaming Apps on WOWZA MEDIA SERVER

Posted by on Thu, Apr 13, 2017



Because live video streaming makes it possible to share fun moment with friends and loved ones!
Live video streaming has made it easy for anyone with a mobile device to share or watch a video in real time. What’s more fun than broadcasting newsworthy events to everyone you love? With Wi-Fi and 4G and a smartphone in hand that can record in HD, all you need is a little inspiration for starting live video streaming and the right app – egenienext makes the choice easier – Wowza Media Server!

Wowza has grown up to appreciation as a product and to take hold of the streaming media world, it has now gotten in touch with its GUI self. Wowza Media Engine – the new name for Wowza Media Server – transformed the media server from a command-line-only tool to graphical user interface (GUI). The idea of GUI makes Wowza a powerful engine for multiple media sites simple to operate.

Live Video Streaming enables you to share the “you’ll never believe what just happened” crazy moments with all those you love. But, live video stream is even a better way for aspiring social media stars for building a following! So whatever your live streaming goal is, is sure to offer you an app that meets your needs.

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