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Web Design Trends to Expect for 2017

Posted by on Wed, Apr 26, 2017



Your business presence online becomes only visible NOW through an attractive website. And the success of a good website depends merely on two things – web design and web development.

What Does the User Want From You? – Personal, interactive, and relevant! User experience revolves around just these three factors that simply mean web designers have to develop a website which understands and responds to its users.

Web designers at egenienext love the art of designing websites but they also believe that not all the trends and tools can work for your business. Some will work for some companies; others will work for some other companies. Recommendation: Let the experts help you pick and choose the styles and capabilities matching your needs and wants.

Meanwhile here’s what 2017 is bringing for web design trends;

Mobiles and Responsiveness

2017 will have more responsive designs than the traditional websites. The latest trend of web designing will focus more on designing content that essentially fits on a mobile or a tablet screen first. Laptops and desktops will be followed, but since browsing is more on mobiles, therefore websites will be designed with focus on broad scale responsiveness.

GIFs and Animation

It’s all about GIFs. A successful website will need to have GIFs and animation. Simple and flat designs are least attractive now, whereas good animations and GIFs will surely grab the attention of users. Your website with a good animated video describing your services is likely to benefit.

Rapid Prototyping Tools

Since the last year, prototyping tools have become a breakthrough than being a trend. 2017 will have websites with extensive prototyping tools such as Marvel, UXpin, invasion etc. These tools allow creating high precision website prototypes; helps enhance appearance, and usability of the website, as well as ease of operations (user friendly).

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