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Xamarin -The Best Framework for Mobile App Development

Posted by on Tue, Apr 25, 2017



The entire lifestyle has become digital and dependable on mobile phones. Where mobile usage is more app centric – within the phones are apps that control everything. This extensive app usage has lead to an increased number of app developments. All entrepreneurs are now relying on mobile apps for seeking possibilities in being successful and unique.

The solution however, for developing great apps and standing out lies in persistency. A close analysis of customer demand and competitors is a major factor.  Whereas the primary success factor in developing great apps is choosing the right framework. Although market is launching new frameworks almost every other day, but there are few that top the list and maintain a steady repute.

At eGenieNext we not only offer services in developing Mobile apps, Websites, and web designing, but we also choose the best framework for your app development. Our list of best frameworks for mobile app development is marked by Xamarin platform which we use for all of our service.


Just how Xamarin says it best: Bringing apps everywhere! Xamarin is simple; you build an app once and easily put it in iOS, Android, Windows, and will need minimum of grunt work. Xamarin apps are built with standard, with native user interface control. Apps look and behave the way end user expects. Xamarin uses C# language and its apps leverage platform-specific hardware acceleration.

Top Benefits of using Xamarin

  • Leverages Existing C# and .NET skills
  • Re-Use in Cross Platform Development – Generally the code for device capabilities and user interface code needs to be written for every platform, but things as client side validation, service client logic, client side data storage, and service validation can be re-used – saving significant time.
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