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Let Smart Sites Take Over Traditional Websites

Posted by on Tue, May 16, 2017



Website of today may still be based on print paradigms, link driven tables of content, and archaic structures – but they are diverging towards a more effective and enjoyable futures like the mobile apps!

If the website fails in letting the user accomplish his or her goal, it’s rather letting the brand fail. So what can prevent the website from delivering that user experience? Web design! Whereas, the team of web designers at egenieNext believes that the future of websites has to be based on building smarter sites; an optimal experience and blend of brand and performance.

What makes the website a smart site? What features does a smart site exhibit? Read on to the aspects gathered by our team which your website should have:

  1. 1.     It Tells a Story

A website is a smart site when it is fundamentally story driven. A good story has the potential of being more powerful than any other factor. A single-page site can help create a seamless story that will flow throughout the website.

  1. 2.     It Communicates the Story Viscerally

Smart sites use visceral feedback and discovery to elicit emotional response. This is achieved through interaction with the user. Elements as visceral, drawers that open or close on page, and enjoyable responses allow user to explore within context of overall story. Smart sites create affinity, engagement, drive conversion, repeat use, and encourage word of mouth sharing.

  1. 3.     It Has a Goal Before the Design

A well crafted story and structure of a Smart Site will support the narrative arc of the customer journey. It’s not about a better design, but rather a smarter design that lays out the purpose of the website completely.

  1. 4.     It’s Should work Natively on all Devices

The website should offer an optimized experience on phone, tablet, or desktop without giving a headache. A smarter site does more than simply retrofitting the design to the device viewpoint. A smart site will create a native experience which thoroughly delivers content via iterations tailored for the device.


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