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Responsive Website or Native Mobile Apps – Which Web Design is Better?

Posted by on Tue, May 16, 2017



New design and trends are always evolving but the dilemma for many business owners still remain the same: native mobile app website or responsive web design?

It was recently quoted that companies or businesses lacking responsive web designs might be in danger of losing their grounds! This may seem exaggeration, but responsive websites actually play a role in online branding of the business.

At the same time, doubts still linger around responsive web designs. This may simply be because of the consumer time and money required in responsive website development. Website development team at egenieNext will explain the basic differences between responsive and mobile app websites though different means:

Input Cost

The pitch is simple and clear, native mobile design is old and responsive websites are the present. The cost of responsive web design is more since it requires mire manpower, resources, and time in its development. Initial cost can be the considered as a major factor in choosing between responsive and mobile web design.

Content Design and Information Flow

Responsive web design offers a seamless experience to the users while, native mobile design requires high optimization and strategically coded content according to the needs of the visitors.

Accessibility and User Experience

Native mobile sites have a higher page loading speed with a simpler code as compare to responsive web design. Native mobile website in this case offers a superb user experience with ease of access, whereas responsive websites offer a formidable user experience.

Flexibility and Maintenance

Mobile app websites need regular updates and maintenance. They need to be redesigned over time and are less flexible in terms of development and design. Responsive websites on the other hand need less maintenance and only require a little coding.


Choosing a website design can depend on your business key requirements and priorities. Both the types have their own perks and benefits, but responsive web design brings a newer wave of web development and can therefore be significant.

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