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The Top Trending Technologies in PHP

Posted by on Tue, May 16, 2017



Web development and designing can never be complete without the proper implementation of PHP scripting language. PHP plays a significant role in web programming projects; it makes the work simpler, secured, and succinct. You achieve 99% of your wants and requirements with PHP!

PHP (“Hypertext Preprocessor”) is the programming language that enables database management to receive a fair treat.

This means that: without PHP, you cannot operate full functionality, connect databases, or initiate queries, as well as calling remote pages through commands and codes will become unlikely to achieve.

Web development team at eGenieNext succeeds in achieving professional responsive websites through PHP and other relevant frameworks. While, the development process does of course depend on the kind of project to be executed.

Here’s an insight into some major frameworks that are new and trending:

Codeigniter Technology – It’s a strongly trending PHP framework. It enhances PHP and is used for some core software development, programming, and application development processes.

Zend Technology – Zend is another master PHP technology (as most call it). It’s mostly deployed in finding solutions advanced website problems and is flexible at the same time. Its serves right and is appreciated for its easy-to-comprehend nature.

CakePHP – This is known as the fastest growing PHP framework and is well known for the design pattern ability as Front Controller, Activerecord Association Data Mapping, and MVC. It uses the most acknowledged and understandable practices. It helps developers reduce the size of the web and allows fast loading.

WordPress – WordPress has been there but with the rapid advancement in web technologies, it has emerged as a distinguishable PHP technology. It can be called technology, a framework, or a system that is built on PHP language. It’s a great way for developers to create responsive websites in mere seconds.



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