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Web Design Principles That Bring Conversion

Posted by on Tue, May 16, 2017



Web designing is no different to a stand-up comedian’s job. Both web designers and stand-up comedians have a great task at hand – to deliver work that is appreciated by target customers and clicks well.  Engagements and getting the website approved comes only later. Websites that look great may not be good at conversions and vice versa, this is why web design principles are created.

Web design team at eGenieNext centers their efforts of web designing on conversions. They believe that the visual appeal of the website along with user experience must compel the visitors to engage and convert. If your website didn’t bring good business conversion, chances are you may be missing out some design elements.

To ensure that you have a complete package of creative and interactive website, our team takes the work in their hands. Because it’s not just the design, User Interface, or graphics, but the content also plays a significant role in assisting conversions. If you’re getting the job done from elsewhere, consider these web design principles:

Appealing Design Elements within a Page

Dull looking web pages that seem boring are least accepted in online business conversion. Consider a monotonous web page that is unable to compel visitors to convert; money spent on CPC will go down the drain. Such website may have clicks but due to poor web designing, there will be no conversion. Websites should be captivating; card UI, minimalist web design, flat design and parallax scrolling etc.

There Should Be No Clutter

Unnecessary design elements only reduce UI scores. Simple and precise content flow that makes the information easy to understand, minimalist approach, natural colors, bold fonts, and everything that enthuse a modern look to the website.

Use CTAs That Convince and Not Annoy

An ebook download, subscription to a news letter, “Click Here” or “Get in Touch” or anything of this sort may not work for you just like it did for everybody else. Hence, test before CTA launching campaign and try not to annoy visitors.

Your Website Should Have Meaningful Content

Words (Content) have the power to be heard. Whether it’s a story or a caption, high quality content on the landing page compel users to instill positive thoughts about your brand. Say only what the user wants to see!


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