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Web Development is a Mixture of Technology and Creativity

Posted by on Tue, May 16, 2017



Creating a website that stands out from the rest, you need not just cutting edge technology, but you also need to maintain a page that is attractive and user friendly! Is that just technology? It’s more than the innovation and advancement of technology.

Web development has taken the prime face of online marketing. Every business and company is trying to get a website created that utilizes the latest technologies to make a splash on the rest. EgenieNext web development team relies on a careful combination of creativity and interactivity to make that possible.

Why Use Technology and Creativity?

These two factors when combined together bring an elusive ‘wow’ reaction. To make sure your website is both creative and interactive, we consider ways of employing tools provided by web development and build websites that attract attention, maintain user engagement and keeps them on the site until the desired activity is completed.

What Should Your Website Have to Stand Out?

For a website to be ‘wow’, it should provide:

  • The desired information in a very neat and organized way that is free of large blocks of text and cluttered images.
  • Images (where and if) used should involve and connect with the visitor. For example, the website may have a blank page on opening but will gradually load up images according to the movement of the visitor cursor, until the complete page takes shape. Every click of the user on the mouse will reveal different hidden images and features that will bring great motivation.
  • Right web development tools when used along with the plan can inject the required entertainment; changing text and images according to the mouse clicks, elements that change color, become enlarged or the content changes and becomes animated.

These are some of the many creative methods eGenieNext use for developing websites. Users stay engaged, your business has a unique feel, while still providing clear strategic information about your company, product or brand. Creative and interactive web development provides the ‘wow’ factor and encourages visitors to spend more time on your page. The future of your business will be bright when your website is smart!


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