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What Do You Need to Convert an App Idea into an App?

Posted by on Tue, May 16, 2017



The creation of an actual application requires funds, advertisement, uploading it in market, but mainly it needs a good team of developers!

App development process can involve numerous factors since it does depend a lot on the kind of app you’re want to develop. But, without the hands of expert developers, your app idea can turn into an app failure.

Mobile app development is the most passionate kind of work for developers at eGenieNext. And you need to experience it to believe it! Meanwhile, for an app idea to become an actual app here’s what it needs:


A clear idea of what you want. Take start with comprehensive specifications with mockups of every screen and descriptions of all the functions the app should have.


An app is a piece of software and you will need software engineers. Your app size clearly determines the size of the team you need. You can always hire a team of developers, but an easier option can be to hire a software consultancy to build your app.


Software development is an art that takes in skills and dedication, and demands a high price. You will need a good amount of money to get the app developed, but it’s important that you avoid cheap quotes. Since you want your work to be complete and not give up half way, avoid the cheapest ones and also avoid very high quotes.


Most people consider less of marketing and rely more on just the idea and implementation. Whereas, the truth is; idea is of third priority, with implementation and marketing taking the lead. Sales and marketing is the key. If your product is unknown, no one will buy it. Develop a marketing strategy before the development process.

Uploading to The App Store

It’s simple and a small task, so consider only a day devoted for this.

For additional advice, you already know the way – contact us and let us walk you through a successful implementation of your idea!


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