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Why Android is Better for Your App Development

Posted by on Tue, May 16, 2017



Getting an app developed is one part – choosing the right platform is another. Taking a start with Android platform for your app development is the right step.

Mobile app development experts at egenieNext explain it better:

Stats Say Why Android is Better

The latest finding on mobile operating systems claim that; 83% of mobile market is lead by Android operating system, while iOS holds 14% of the share and remaining percentage is shared by Windows, Blackberry and others.

Having a percentage of 83 is huge and shows clear incompatibility by other platforms. iOS can always be thought of as a choice, but there are solid reasons why thousands of businesses consider Android. If you’re about to get started with a mobile app for you business, you should definitely get in touch with mobile app developers we have – and still – here’s an insight provided by them:

A Sound Start

Android platform is good for take a start in getting an app developed. Android offers the feasibility of understanding the development process (even if you’re not the developer) and allows you to test the app before bringing it out.

Open Ecosystem

Android was able to acquire the open ecosystem title, which has never been changed by Google. Android platform allows developers to add their app in store with least number of entry barriers. Apps generally require a long process of approval before getting displayed, whereas Android has leverage.

Robust Features

Android is flexible for app developers and enables them to access the OS with ease. A great number of functionalities and features are available for getting the app connected to the audience. Although other platforms offer hardware features only.

Summing It Up:

Android offers power of extending possibilities of your app to other stores and not just Google Play Store. With Android you are able to drop and drag your app to production with fewer expenses. If your business is yearning to be big, you need to start with Android and let it walk you to better places. Keep it good!

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