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Why Does Your Small Business Need an App?

Posted by on Tue, May 16, 2017



You have a business – you need a mobile app! If you think your business is going to be a great hit with an app, you need to think otherwise. Take a look at small or big companies around and understand why the best of them have apps?

Mobile apps are consistently changing the way businesses interact with their customers, sell their products, and offer services. A recent study on mobile market showed how 52% of American users use the apps within their phones, for hours, and get back to a specific app after every 20 minutes. This should already highlight reasons why you and your small business need an app?

If somehow you’ve missed out on this then let egenieNext help you understand the importance of grappling with the rational of actually investing in an app and then we’ll help you choose the platform and the best for mobile app development:

Why You Need an App?

  • The App Reach Out – Once you decide on getting an app developed for your business, you will need to determine the basics first; whether your app will focus on sales, customer service, or marketing or something else? Get everything down on a paper!
  • Accessibility – Customers conveniently reach out to you through apps. DO you aim to do the same?
  • Marketing Purpose – Business can be marketed through your smartphone in endless ways. The business is a brand that is recognized through an icon on your app. Let your app have push notifications and use coupons for sales.
  • Good Customer Relation – With or without an app, and specifically with an app you need to keep your customers very close. Your business, your app, and your brand will not be anywhere without a strong relation with your customers.
  • Sales – Your sales will close tremendously through an app. When your product becomes available to customers through an app they don’t have to wait to reach out to you for the purchase of a product or service. Closing of sakes becomes easy.


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