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Why Pageless Design Seems to be the Future of Web

Posted by on Tue, May 16, 2017



Web design is currently going through a paradigm shift. There’s traction so far, but some effort of designers and developers is important to nudge the web into the right direction. What direction is that?

Answer: Direction where the web becomes free from the outdated conventions of print design and fully utilizes the digital platform. Where archaic elements as pages are kicked to the curb and rather, unique and satisfying web-native experiences are created.

The leadership of web designers at egenieNext believes that the advancement of technology in terms of browser capabilities, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, platforms as Xamarin, and broadband limitations makes so much possible.

Here are some compelling arguments offered by them for making you understand why pageless design is better direction for web:

How Pageless Design is to become the Future of Web

  1. 1.     It Tells a Story

The first question you should ask is: why do we have websites? To communicate with the community those can prospects, enthusiasts, customers, or partners. In every case the goal is to accomplish an objective. That is delivered by telling a story! A story is heard and understood; it inspires, motivates, and elicits action. Through a pageless design, the story can be created in a more captivating, interactive, and immersive way.

  1. 2.     It Makes it Seamless, Easy, and Intuitive

These days, a general website greets you with a large slider image, main body of text/images/icons, top or side navigation, and a sidebar with various images, links and CTAs. Some ask you to enter in your email address and name immediately. Isn’t that a scattered experience?

A pageless design of website immediately immerses you into the opening lines of a story. The start with a well crafted story allows visitors to do the most intuitive and natural thing they would do: scroll. The simple action makes the website a seamless experience.

  1. 3.     It Provides Satisfaction

When the web design goes beyond just looking good, satisfaction is delivered. Advances in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS helps weave interactive elements for creating a delightful story that wins visitors.

  1. 4.     Higher Conversion Rate

Look, feel, and a good story would not mean anything, if the conversion is not good. A website comes with one primary objective and that is to generate new leads. A single page website design is best at doing that.

  1. 5.     Pageless Design Looks Great on all Devices

Pageless design brings uniformity across all platforms. Apps generally are bound ahead of current web design standards which are mostly due to limitation. Pagless design can create a more intuitive user experience with the help of a design concept called Responsive +.



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