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Why Xamarin Has Become the First choice for Building Enterprise Mobile Apps

Posted by on Wed, May 17, 2017



A mobile developer’s dream for developing a mobile app that would work across different platforms relies strongly on a good solution. With so many operating systems in market – the choice isn’t easy – but nothing beats the benefits of Xamarin!

Ever since the acquisition by Microsoft, Xamarin has evolved to be the most preferred platform for mobile application development. In this article, mobile app development team at eGenieNext explains why Xamarin has become significant and why it delivers device specific experience at lower investment.

The reasons why Xamarin is the top choice for mobile app development is as follows:

Cross Platform Native Mobile App Development in C++ – Xamarin makes targeting multiple platforms possible with C++; Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry

Xamarin Gives a universal UI – Xamarin enables developers to write all codes in a single platform

Xamarin’s Shared Code Base Saves Time – Once coded, Xamarin can help integrate with SDK’s of all operating systems.

Same Logic Can is used by sharing Code – Share the code logic can be used by developers across various platforms. They can work in Java once for Andorid and use the same in Objective-C for Apple.

Xamarin Provides Powerful Integrated Development Environment – Xamarin helps improve development process, support process, and simplifies development through powerful IDEs.

Xamarin Allows Testing Several Devices – You can make apps with Xamarin and also test them across 2000 devices. Tests can be automated and help detect performance difficulties easily.

Incidence of Bugs is Low – With Xamarin mistakes in coding are rare. Possibility of greater test coverage is another advantage of Xamarin.

Xamarin Allows Innovations – Xamarin allows producing products that cater customer demands; Xamarin.Android supports Google Glass devices, while Xamarin.iOS supports Apple Watch. It’s a preferred choice because it allows innovations to take place.


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