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Bubble Fuse

A Fusion of Fun and Simplicity – Bubble Fuse

Posted by on Mon, Feb 10, 2014


Now a day, playing a game that has every element that a user wants is a rare find. While some games have stunning game play, they are far too difficult for everyone to play and enjoy, others are too simple that they offer little to no challenge to the player at all and eventually people even forget the name of such games. If you want to attract game fanatics having various ideas and preferable choices, you need a game that is a fusion of simplicity, fun and challenge. Bubble Fuse…

strike a match

Newest Addition to the eGenie Mobile Games – Strike a Match

Posted by on Fri, Feb 7, 2014


Professionals at eGenie Next always strive to bring the best and unique stuff to the world. The first ever Android game developed by the software house, “Cash Stash” is a testament to that. The game received admiration and became very popular among people of all ages. The gratitude and the acceptance of Cash Stash, encouraged and compelled us to bring another, exciting and fun game to you. We call it, “Strike a Match”. While Cash Stash was built to test your speed and hand-eye coordination, Strike a Match will test…

Cash Stash

Cash Stash: A New Way to Enjoy the Rain

Posted by on Tue, Dec 24, 2013


With the invention of Smartphones, the gaming industry has seen a boom it never has before. People of all ages love to play their favorite games on their mobiles in whatever time they can find. Well, our game developers have worked hard to add another fun and unique game to that long lineup of amazing mobile games. Fun Filled Challenges Cash Stash is designed to provide challenge and hours of fun to its players. The game comes with two interactive modes. “Arcade Mode”, which allows the player to experience the…