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A Look at iOS 7 Features and Flat Design

Posted by on Fri, Jun 14, 2013


It has been two days since the release of the Beta version of Appleā€™s newest mobile operating system and it has already reignited the discussion war between Android and Apple fans. While some are crowning it the new king of the mobile operating systems, others are clamoring about iOS 7 being the copy of the Android OS. Whatever the views may be, people still want to know what iOS 7 has brought to the mobile world. Our company recently got its hands on the beta version and our professional mobile…

iPad Application Can Expand Your Business

Posted by on Wed, Mar 27, 2013


Internet industry is changing our way of living and our business behavior every day. Now, we have various gadgets that help us interconnect with each other as well as promoting our business. iPhones and iPads are among those exceptional devices that have changed our way of thinking and introduced new marketing strategies for businesses. People have turned to these gadgets due to their outstanding applications and phenomenal user experience. iPads are primarily known for their quality applications that not just help people in being connected but also are being used…