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Online Marketing Techniques that can Build your Business

Posted by on Mon, May 6, 2013


The advancements in the internet field have given new meaning and introduced new techniques in various fields of business. Marketing is among those fields that have been completely revolutionized by the Internet. Now marketing is known as Internet marketing or e-marketing due to high involvement of the Internet. This type of marketing is much more effective than the conventional marketing. Through Internet marketing you can spread your message to a large circle of people in less time with minimum costs. But with so many marketers utilizing online marketing for their…

Developer v.s. Designer

Posted by on Thu, May 2, 2013


Arguably, the two most important pillar stones of the Internet industry are web developers and web designers. Lots of people around the world use the terms web developers and web designers interchangeably without knowing that there is a difference while others specifically the two aforementioned groups have a feud going on between them to decide who is superior to another. Here, we have presented a comparison of the two and not so surprisingly, the two are not far apart from each other. A web design is all about the looks…

How the World Spends its Time Online

Posted by on Tue, Apr 23, 2013


The Internet has become an essential part of our life today. At the moment it was being devised, nobody would have imagined that Internet will become the most desired and precious entity in the world. But how important it is to the world? We have attempted to answer this question by providing proven statistics from world’s leading communication and research centers. World’s Online Population The world has a total population of just over 7 billion and 30% of that is the Internet’s population. You probably think it’s not much, but…

How Social Media can Build your Company

Posted by on Thu, Apr 11, 2013


If you compare the situation of our business world with how it was a decade ago, it would absolutely amaze you how much we depend on social media now. The social media universe is not only in our personal lives but it has effectively become a part of our business structure as well. Take Facebook for example, what started as a mere dorm room test project has now over 1 billion members all over the world and growing. It has become the largest social media portal all thanks to the…

4 Steps you Need to Take to Set Up a Successful Social Media Campaign

Posted by on Fri, Apr 5, 2013


Social media universe is a place where billions of people around the world come daily and spend innumerable hours. Internet marketers have targeted this huge market to find potential customers to their products. While some of them have become social media gurus, others have bitten the dust. If you are planning to launch a social media campaign then this article is for you. If you follow these steps then your social media campaign can be a huge success for you. Set your Goals Many marketers just log in to their…